Roasted beausoleil oysters with Vidalia onion marmalade

Crab cakes with lemon creme fraiche.png

Classic crab cakes topped with lemony crème fraiche

Corn and crab fritters.png

Corn and crab hush puppies with pickled green tomato tartar sauce


Lemon shrimp with spicy remoulade sauce


Seared scallops with rosemary-bacon marmalade

tuna crudo_square.jpg

Tuna crudo on a rice puff with cucumber and lemon

Lobster and potato croquettes with spicy sweet tomato jam.png

Lobster and potato croquettes with tomato jam


Whitefish salad and cranberry on Melba toast

Smoked salmon on nori chip with wasabi tobiko and micro chives cropped.png

Smoked salmon on nori chip with wasabi tobiko and micro chives


foie gras mousse, pink peppercorn, and apricot macaroon.png

Savory foie gras macaron

Croustades with duck confit and microgreens.png

Duck confit croustades with microgreens


Miniature lamb meatballs with yogurt-mint sauce


Smoked chicken on corn cake with tomato “jam” and braeburn apple chip

ravioli 2 dani.jpg

Crispy chicken ravioli with basil-walnut dipping sauce

Chicken rillettes, toasted brown bread, capers and mustard.JPG

Chicken rillettes, toasted brown bread with capers and mustard

beef crostini.JPG

Beef, balsamic, and herbed cheese on pretzel bread crostini

Porcini chicken salad in endive with apricot chutney.png

Chicken with porcini mushrooms in endive petals with winter fruit compote

duck sweet potato dani.jpg

Smoked duck, citrus-olive relish on a sweet potato chip

Miniature grilled cheese with prosciutto, fontina, and basil.png

Miniature grilled cheese with prosciutto, fontina, and basil


Mini buttermilk biscuit with bacon, green tomato, and pimento cheese

Japanese fried chicken with Kewpie mayonnaise.JPG

Fried chicken Japanese style with Kewpie mayonnaise

Steak tartare on a potato wafer.jpeg

Steak tartare on a potato wafer

beef short rib.png

Beef short ribs braised in Long Island Merlot on Bloominghill Farm polenta round


potato puff andrew.jpg

Puffed potatoes with black truffle mayonnaise


Brussels sprouts stuffed with black truffle mashed potatoes

buffalo cauliflower (1 of 1).jpg

Buffalo fried cauliflower with Jasper Hill blue cheese dipping sauce

Mini frittatas w herb crust cucumber yogurt black walnuts.jpeg

Herb and leek frittatas with cucumber-walnut yogurt

butternuts squash tartlets_square.jpg

Butternut squash tartlets with cranberry-sage chutney

savory cannoli andrew.jpg

Savory cannoli with whipped goat cheese and pistachio

Wild mushroom ragout on goat cheese polent.png

Wild mushroom ragout on goat cheese polenta

Kale caesar salad in parmesan cup.png

Kale Caesar salad in a parmesan cup

arancini_ramp pesto_rectangle.JPG

Saffron arancini with basil pesto


Pizettes with shaved Brussels sprouts, mozzarella, black pepper, truffle oil

Chickpea panisses with lemon-basil mayonnaise.jpeg

Chickpea “french fries” with lemon-herb aioli

Onion, ricotta, olive pizzettes.jpeg

Pizettes with Brooklyn ricotta caramelized onions, and salt cured olives

deviled eggs square.jpg

Trio of deviled quail’s eggs—classic, beet pickled, and “Caesar salad”

Crostini 3 dani.jpg

Avocado, ricotta salata, and pickled mustard seeds on onion crostini


Warm chocolate bread pudding bites .png

Warm chocolate bread pudding bites

Chocolate pudding with creme fraiche and candied violets.jpg

Dark chocolate pudding with whipped crème fraiche and candied violets

Lemon-olive oil bars with basil sugar.png

Lemon olive oil bars with basil sugar

Pomegranate panna cottas.png

Vanilla bean panna cottas with pomegranate and gingerbread


Chocolate-hazelnut mousse in edible pretzel spoon

Mini tarts Plum rosewater apricot chamomile blackberry thyme.jpeg

Trio of miniature fruit tarts in seasonal flavors

Sticky toffee bites_square.png

Warm sticky toffee pudding bites

donut holes.png

Miniature ricotta donut holes with bourbon-caramel dipping sauce

Salted chocolate tart.jpg

Salted chocolate tart with sugar crunch


Macaroons in Autumn or Winter flavors such as Earl Grey, caramel, coffee, dark chocolate, and vanilla

Matcha cake w white chocolate buttercream and rose sugar.jpeg

Green tea cake with white chocolate buttercream

bananas foster for patty (1 of 1).jpg

Bananas foster bites

hand pies better (1 of 1).jpg

Ricotta and amaro cherry hand pies